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Don't know who I am or what kind of service I provide? I completely understand! Take a look at the feedback left for me by my customers, both on Ebay and the 'Garden Watchdog" by clicking the links below. I have over 10,000 POSITIVE feedbacks on Ebay and my feedbacks on the Garden Watchdog have earned me the honors of a 'TOP 30 COMPANY" out of over 4,000 companies. I strive for 100% satisfaction; please contact me if you have a problem with any of my products and allow me the opportunity to make it right.

Customer Comments and Feedback :

Onalee's Seeds, LLC has been rated a

TOP 30 COMPANY by the Rate Onalee's Home-Grown Seeds & Plants at the Garden Watchdog
based on customer feedback.

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Here are some unsolicited comments from some of my customers:

From Beth:

"Before I purchased from you, I sent you an email saying how impressed I was with your feedback and seeming excellent customer service.

Oh My Gosh! Now I've done business with you and you are an awesome person!

Thank you for the extra pack of seeds. Thank you for the extra seeds in every single pack and not 5 small yellow walking Iris's (as described) - there were seven and they most definitely were NOT small!

Your prices do not reflect the excellence of service, the huge healthy plants, the packaging of your seeds, the customer service....

I can't thank you enough."

From Michelle:

"You sent me some Purple Heart/Purple Queen Wandering Jew plants. I LOVE them!! I am a single mom, 1st time homeowner and 1st time gardener.

I found you on the internet by searching for purple plants. I can't wait to get something else from you soon. I'm going to pot 3 different plants in similar pots: 1 for me, 1 for my mom, and 1 for my sister, so we all have the same plant growing in our homes. Your plant!!! Thank you so much for the free seeds and especially for all the extra info on care. I am so thrilled to have found you!

From Kathleen:

"Just a quick note to say thanks, I not really used seeds in the past and was a little hesitant to try them now. But your emails full of information and your quality seeds have made a believer out of me. Everything I have planted has come up with a very high germination rate !!! Thanks, I have already gotten my money's worth of enjoyment from your seeds and the plants are just now "poking" through. I will definitely be ordering from you again, and again, and again...... "

From Kandy:

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the seeds I ordered and the growing instructions. You also could not have sent a better bonus pack. Thank you so much. I will be back, and will refer you to my friends. "

From Ruth:

"Onalee, you are fantastic!

My package arrived today, and it was like opening a PRESENT. I love the care with which you packed my order -- the protective bubble-wrap, the seeds packed in envelopes w/ color pictures of the seedling & planting instructions right there -- the pictures on the packages that matched what I saw on the website -- your colorful cheery packing slip that matched exactly with the look and feel of your website -- delightful! Even a handwritten note in pink pen :-)

And what a perfect surprise pack of seeds to send me -- you obviously choose them with great care. I ordered a trumpet-shaped flower and a vine, and what do you send along for a bonus, but a vine that makes trumpet-shaped flowers!

What a pleasant surprise to get something that's so above and beyond expectations.

I will heartily recommend you.

Oh, and your prices? Excellent value, and I love the free shipping. I wish you much success -- you're doing everything right. "

From Jonathan:

"Onalee, thank you so much - what wonderful plants! Much larger than I expected - talk about instant gratification! They're doing great - I love them! I wish all sellers were as committed to customer satisfaction as you are! "