Important Information regarding Shipping of Live Plants

I ALWAYS include detailed planting and care instructions for all plants. Most of my growing instructions are now online so you can view them at your leisure and refer back to them anytime. They can be found on this page: Growing Guides

I ship via PRIORITY MAIL to assure timely delivery. 

Shipping of plants is generally done on Mondays and Tuesdays ONLY to avoid plants sitting in a warehouse or truck over a weekend awaiting delivery. There are times when I will ship plants on a Wednesday (ie: during periods of heavy volume or if Monday is a Federal Holiday).

Payment must be received no later than 7pm EST on Monday for the plants to go out the next day; otherwise it will be shipped the following week.

Unless otherwise stated on the item description, I ship plants out the next available shipping day after payment is made.

If you will be out of town, on vacation, etc. when your plants are scheduled to ship, please let me know and I can hold your plant until the following week.

I make every effort to assure your plants arrive in good condition, including packing the roots in damp newspaper, securing the plant INSIDE the box to avoid movement during shipping and starting with healthy, well rooted plants (unless, of course, you are purchasing un-rooted cuttings). Even with this, sometimes boxes get crushed or leaves/stems may get broken in shipping. Generally, this is only a minor problem and your plants will recover without a problem.  If your plant has sustained serious damage, please email me immediately. If possible, send a photo of the box and plant so I can tell how serious the damage is and we can decide if the plant needs to be replaced.

It is important that the plants be removed from the box ASAP upon arrival.  If you don't have time to plant them immediately, they should be at least removed from the box and the roots placed in cool water in the shade or inside the house for a few hours.

If possible, have your plants shipped to your office or other destination where they can be brought in out of the heat/cold right away.  Leaving a box with plants in it out in the weather (hot or cold) can be devastating to them.

If you can't ship to your work address, ask a neighbor to bring the box in for you until you get home. Some people ship their plants to a relative who is at home all day so the plants can be tended to immediately.

Shipping plants bare root is stressful for the plants, make no mistake about that. They will be wilted for a few days up to a couple of weeks, they may loose some of their original leaves and they will definitely need lots of TLC from you when they arrive to revive them and get them growing strong again. Please make sure you have the time and patience to devote to your plants before placing an order.


My plants are TROPICAL - COLD WEATHER WILL HURT THEM. If the temperatures are not suitable in your area, please do not order until the weather is better.


Insurance is optional. Keep in mind that insurance on plants covers them only if they don't arrive or if the box is damaged. If plants are damaged in shipping from heat or cold, postal insurance DOES NOT COVER THAT.