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Black-Eyed Susan (Suzy), Rudbeckia hirta, Seeds
Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily, (Belamcanda chinensis) Seeds
Bright, Sunny Cosmos! Mixed orange & yellow, single & double blooms. Easy!
Celosia - Flamingo Feather - Pink/Purple Plume Seeds
Cleome: Pink, Rose & Violet Queen Cleome hasslerana, Spider Flower Seed Mix
Jewels of Opar ''Limon'', Limon Talinum (Talinum Paniculatum) Seeds
Lion's Ear (Leonotis nepetifolia), AKA: Devil's Pincushion, Seeds
Mexican Hydrangea - Clerodendrum bungei PLANT
Mexican Petunia PINK (Ruellia Brittoniana) Root Stock / Plants
Mexican Petunia, Chi Chi: PINK (Ruellia brittoniana) Seeds
Mexican Petunia: WHITE (Chi Chi, Desert Petunia) Ruellia Brittoniana LIVE PLANTS
Mexican Petunia: WHITE (Chi Chi, Desert Petunia) Ruellia Brittoniana Seeds
Old Fashioned PETUNIA seeds fuchsia/Pink - Fragrant! Hummingbirds,Butterflies!
PONY TAILS: Red and/or Green Amaranthus, Celosia, Tassel Flower Seeds
Salvia / Sage Seeds Collection: Blue, White, Pink and Red. 4 packs/price of 3!
Salvia / Sage Seeds: Victoria Blue (Salvia farinacea) Beautiful Color, Easy Care
Salvia / Sage Seeds: Victoria White (Salvia farinacea), Easy Care
Standing Cypress, Ipomopsis rubra, Seeds. Hummingbird Favorite! Red Wildflower.
Texas Sage, Salvia Seeds: PINK/CORAL (Salvia Coccinea)
Texas Sage: Red, Hummingbird Sage, Scarlet Sage, Forest Fire (Salvia Coccinea)
Vinca, Madagascar Periwinkle ''Pacifica'' Seeds Mixed Colors HEAT & SUN LOVER!