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Japanese Morning Glory Seeds: Kikyouzaki Murasaki (Purple), Platycodon

Free Shipping. Japanese Morning Glory Seeds: KIKYOUZAKI Murasaki, Dark Blue/Purple Platycodon / Picotee, including single and double varieties. (Ipomoea nil). These seeds are IN THE ORIGINAL SEED PACKAGE FROM THE COMPANY IN JAPAN. A very unusual Morning    Glory with flowers that are pointed instead of round.

$ 12.00     Available: 10     Back




JAPANESE MORNING GLORY SEEDS (Ipomoea nil). These seeds are ARE IN THE ORIGINAL SEED PACKAGE FROM THE Nihon Tane Center IN JAPAN. These are not home-grown but professionally grown and packaged in Japan. You are getting the pure, original seeds here (not crossed)! All the Japanese Morning glories I've planted this year have had EXCELLENT germination results! 

Not only that - but you are getting the original package, which is a novelty and work of art in itself!

These are smaller flowered Japanese Morning glories (About 2.5"- 3") but very unusual with their star (picotee) shape. There are both single and double varieties in a deep, rich purple (or purple-blue). These are a  bit tougher than some of the larger JMG's, sometimes lasting until mid-day. These are certain to draw attention where-ever you plant them!

I have only a limited supply of these seeds - don't miss out on them!

*Shipping within the USA is free on all orders of $8.00 or larger* Onalee's Seeds, LLC

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