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African Iris, Fortnight Lily or Morea Iris (Dietes iridioides) Seeds
Free Shipping. 24+ Seeds. A profusion of spectacular iris-like flowers are produced throughout spring and summer and are held high above stiff, evergreen sword shaped leaves. A very tough plant once established - great for borders or around foundations.
$ 4.00          Unavailable      More Information

Agave Century Plant (Agave americana, American Aloe)
Free Shipping.1 Plant. These plants have a beautiful blue/green color and are EXCELLENT if you don't have a green thumb, don't like to do much in the garden or like to take long vacations! They make GREAT specimens for your rock garden or in any dry,  sunny spot.
$ 17.50          Unavailable      More Information

Angel's Trumpet MIXED COLOR cuttings: Yellow, pink, peach, white
Free Shipping.8 Unrooted Cuttings. This is a MIX of the colors of Angel Trumpets I have: White, Pink, Pale Pink, Peach and Yellow/Gold. This perennial is know as the Angel's Trumpet because of it's huge (8-10 long) trumpet shaped flowers that hang down from the heavens and put out a wonderful fragrance, especially in the evening. These bloom in profusion and repeatedly through the summer to first frost. These are hardy in zones 8-10; container grown in colder zones.
$ 45.00          Available: 6      More Information     

Angel's Trumpet White ''Nina Lane*'' - VERY Fragrant Blooms! Brugmansia Cuttings
Free Shipping.2 Unrooted Cuttings. These bloom in profusion and repeatedly through the summer to first frost. This variety (Nina Lane) has pure white flowers that are EXTREMELY FRAGRANT!
$ 20.00          Available: 3      More Information     

Angel's Trumpet, Pink, Brugmansia - UnRooted Cuttings - Extremely fragrant
Free Shipping.2 Unrooted Cuttings. These bloom in profusion and repeatedly through the summer to first frost. This variety has pink blooms. Extremely fragrant!!
$ 20.00          Available: 5      More Information     

BellyAche Bush (Jatropha gossypifolia) Seeds
Free Shipping. 10+ Seeds. This bush has the most beautiful foilage you''ll ever see! The new leaves on the top of each branch are a lovely purple-red which contrast with the small scarlet blooms and the large bright green seed pods. This bush will reach 3'' tall & wide in one season.
$ 4.00          Available: 33      More Information     

Blue Porterweed, Stachytarpheta urticifolia, Seeds. Butterfly Magnet!
Free Shipping. 24+ Seeds. Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia) actually has flowers that are a violet-purple and, although small, they attract all sizes and types of butterflies to their sweet nectar. This is a must have in your butterfly garden! Growing       to about 4' high, it can be grown as a self-sowing annual in colder zones or as a perennial in zones 9-11. These do drop a lot of seeds, so some thinning of 'volunteers' each year will be necessary, but the butterflies wil
$ 4.00          Available: 16      More Information     

Butterfly Milk Weed Balloon Plant, Hairy Balls Seeds,Asclepias Physoca
Free Shipping. 24+ Seeds. (larger quantities available) A slender, deciduous shrub, often treated as an annual. Quick and easy to grow, producing stems of small white flowers that magically transform into unusual translucent , soft, spiny balloons. Adds fun to borders and cut flower arrangements. As part of the Milkweed family, these are also host plants for the Monarch butterfly caterpillar.
$ 4.00          Available: 21      More Information

Butterfly Milkweed: Scarlet/Red (Asclepias) Seeds *Monarch Butterfly Host Plant*
Free Shipping.24+ Seeds. Clusters of red flowers topped with yellow crowns form on top of the stems. Leaves are a food source (host plant) for Monarch & Queen butterfly caterpillars. You HAVE to have host plants to have more butterflies! I can tellyou from experience growing these, IT WORKS! I have more and more butterflies every year in my yard!
$ 4.00          Available: 37      More Information     

Butterfly Pea Vine: White Single and Double Mix,Clitoria ternatea ''Alba'' Seeds
Free Shipping. 24+ Seeds. (larger quantities available) A PRISTINE WHITE Butterfly Pea Vine - seeds from both Single and Double blooms are included here. These would be a wonderful addition to a night garden but are certainly lovely anywhere you plant them!
$ 4.00          Available: 17      More Information

 Results 1-10 of 67

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