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Palms, Cycads and Trees > Yellow Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) Unrooted Cutting, Fragrant Tropical

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Yellow Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) Unrooted Cutting, Fragrant Tropical

Free Shipping.2 Unrooted Cuttings. Although Frangipani (Plumeria) are tropical plants, they can be grown in nearly any zone in containers if brought in during the winter. Plumerias (Frangipani), also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. The wonderful fragrance of the flowers makes them irresistible - they are easy to grow from cuttings and make excellent plants for your pool, deck or patio.

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You are buying TWO 10" - 12" (un-rooted) cuttings from my yellow flowering Frangipani / Plumeria tree. The large leaves will be removed from the cutting before shipping this puts less stress on the cutting so it can put it's energy into growing roots. Growing instructions will be included with your purchase. They are easy to root in well draining soil and warm temps.

Plumerias (Frangipani), also known as the Lei flower or nose gay, are native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. Plumerias can grow to be large shrubs or even small trees in mild areas of the U.S. They have widely spaced thick succulent branches, round or pointed, long leather, fleshy leaves in clusters near the branch tips.   Sensitive to cold, leaves tend to fall in early winter since they are deciduous. 

In colder climates (colder than zone 9b) they should be grown in containers. They make beautiful potted plants for the patio or deck. When temperatures dip into the low 40's they need to be taken into a greenhouse, garage or other area that will stay above freezing. They will loose their leaves in winter, but will regrow them in the spring when temperatures warm. In milder climates, plumeria can be grown outdoors in the ground, where they may be a small beautiful landscape trees.

The real payoff comes during the early summer through the early fall months, when very fragrant clusters of showy, waxy flowers provide the makings for your own Hawaiian Lei. There is absolutely nothing like the sweet fragrance of Plumeria in flower, with fragrances of jasmine, citrus, spices, gardenia, and other indescribable scents. These flowers are treasured by the Polynesian Islanders for their durability, fragrances and lovely colors. Flowering can last up to 3 months at a time producing new blooms everyday. Once picked, a bloom can last for several days without wilting if kept in water.

Plumeria come in a rainbow of colors with more being added all the time. The one you are buying is yellow, see photo. I don't have a cultivar name for it it's an old heirloom. I don't know if the color has a particular name or what it might be.

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