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Lilies, Gingers and Bulbs > Crinum Lily: White Giant/Grand Spider Lily, Crinum asiaticum Seeds

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Crinum Lily: White Giant/Grand Spider Lily, Crinum asiaticum Seeds

Free Shipping. 6 Seeds. Use the Grand Crinum to create a tropical mood near the pool or patio. This impressive plant is easy to grow and requires little care. In addition to its beautiful form, the grand crinum is an enthusiastic non-stop producer of  huge fragrantflowers.

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Please note:

These seeds don't store well, so I have to sell them when they are fresh. Since availability is sporadic, these may not always be available. If they are not currently available and you are interested in them, please email me at: and I will let you know when they are available AND give you first opportunity to purchase them before re-listing them here as available. As always, email me with any questions.

6 GIANT/GRAND WHITE SPIDER LILY SEEDS PLUS planting instructions, including a color photo for seedling id. These are fresh seeds (bulbils) and I have planted myself with excellent germination results. In fact, some may be sprouted when you get them!!

This crinum is native to tropical areas of Asia. It     is now a favorite landscape plant in Florida, the gulf coast, California and other warm climate areas. Can grow to 4' high and 5' wide. Use the Grand Crinum to create a tropical mood near the pool or patio. Use like sculpture to create a focal point in the garden or in an expanse of lawn. This big lily looks great with palm trees and ornamental grasses. Their drought resistance make them useful in     xeriscapes. Also does well in containers. This impressive plant is easy to grow and requires little care. In many mild winter areas this is a common "pass-along" plant - neighbors sharing excess bulbs with one another. In addition to its beautiful form, the grand crinum is an enthusiastic non-stop producer of huge fragrant flowers (unless cut down by frost and freezing weather) 

Hardiness: USDA Zone 9 - 11. You can grow this crinum in Zone 8, but foiliage is killed by freezing winter temperatures. Grow in containers in colder zones. 

Culture: This lily is happy in just about any type of well drained soil. 

Light: Prefers bright sunny situations but will grow in medium shade. 

These seeds are very large and heavy and I provide special packaging (over and above bubble wrap) to assure they are not damaged in shipping. Often, I am shipping sprouted bubils to you and I wrap them to assure the sprouts are not damaged or broken during shipping. 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please don't hesitate to email me!

*Shipping within the USA is free on all orders of $8.00 or larger* Onalee's Seeds, LLC

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