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Hibiscus > SOLD OUTHibiscus Red Shield, Striking Red-Purple Leaves,Hibiscus acetosellaSeeds

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SOLD OUTHibiscus Red Shield, Striking Red-Purple Leaves,Hibiscus acetosellaSeeds

DICONTINUED. CHECK OUT THE FALSE ROSELLE FOR A VERY SIMILAR HIBISCUS! Free Shipping. 10+ Seeds. This vigorous bush has leaves that are a redish-purple color in full sun, making a striking specimen plant or border plant! When not in bloom, passersby often think they are Japanese Maple. Fast growing annual hibscus makesa  wonderful specimen plant or border hedge.

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DISCONTINUED. Check out the False Roselle here on my site for a similar hibiscus.

10+ Red Shield Hibiscus (Hibiscus acetosella) seeds PLUS planting instructions, including a color photo for seedling id. (Other common names: Red-Leaf Hibiscus, African Rose Mallow)

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding "Red Shield" hibiscus. I have read that they bloom all season to frost and I've read that they bloom only in the fall/winter. I've also read on some sites that they have red flowers while others say they have pink flowers. I think that many times the Red Shield hisbiscus and the False Roselle hibiscus are getting confused. 

The Red Sheild hibiscus bloom only in the fall their blooms are deep red, nearly the same color as the  foilage. The leaves on these are much more divided than those of the False Roselle, but both get the deep red color if grown in the sun.

These are vigorous bushes growing large in just one season with leaves that are a redish-purple color in full sun, making a striking specimen plant or border plant! In the shade, the leaves are a deep green with redish-purple veins. 

These hibiscus will easily reach a height of 10' in one season and bloom the first year they are planted (in the fall) making them perfect annuals. You may keep them trimmed back into a hedge or let them grow tall. I suggest trimming them at least a couple of times during they growing season to make them bush out more and produce more blooms. 

These are listed as a perennial in zones 10-11, an annual in colder zones, but I would suggest growing them as an annual in all zones -when they get too big they tend to break. They prefer full sun and sandy soil (but will grow in the shade - you just won't have the deep color).

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